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Messages to uplift and update!

I was sent the address for this site through a family member,what a wonderful blessing it is to be able to reach across the many miles and be touched by the glory of those who labor steadily on behave of our Heavenly Fathers name to teach and join in fellowship with those who live to far away to be there in the house of the Lord with you.comming here to this website gives a feeling of comming home in so many ways. to all those to worked so hard to make this website possible,i thank you ,and want you all to know how strongly the power of God's love moves through you and touches those who come here.the sermon was written out beautifully and gives the since of being there in the church.tho i live so many miles away the distance was not near as great as i sat here reading today.i pray God meets every need that araises,i give him thanks for the devotion of those who have opened the doors of the church and allowed me to find my way here as i know he will guide many others to follow in the path ahead.i look forward to comming back for the next sermon.may God's Blessings be with be with each of you all the days of your life,may you never cease ,nor take for granted the power of a kind word or small deed,for in a simple word a life can forever be changed ,for some it will be the one that saves a life.for others it will be the gleem of hope for them. may you never see what you do as being small or meaning little,for a simple action you do. may be the one that opens the door for one more to find the path to God. it could be the defining moment that a person is freed from any doubts that eternal love and life awaits through faith in that what they could not see before, but now through some action seen in you ,there eyes were opened .and they can now see God in all things. Virginia Stanley

This letter is from Sister Rosie Blankenship from went to be with Jesus on December 23rd 2002.  Just shows the lighter side of the wonderful humor  that we loved about her so very, very much.  Sister Diane will never forget the nickname Hammerhead. Sister Rosie's devotion to the Lord will always be remembered by all.
Hey Everybody!
How's everything? As for myself I just thank God Everyday to be alive. Feeling alot better, but I've still got a long way to go. Still got satan under my feet. Tell all hello for me. Hope to get to come home soon. Keep my seat warm. (I forgot which one it was.) But anyway I hope Pastor Dry Fry, oops, I mean Brother Bobby enjoyed his card. They didn't have too many to choose from, mostly birthday cards. Well it's the thought that counts. Well I gotta go so tell all my dear Brothers and Sisters I Iove them and thank them for their prayers, and keep on praying.

Love and Prayers
Sister Rosie

Hello Everyone!!
Just toured your website and it is wonderful to see friends and family. Rachel and I miss home, and now we feel closer to home with this blessed website. We receive a blessing each time we attend church there when visiting Mom and Dad. Now we can be blessed here in North Carolina!!! Keep up God's work!! And thank you for allowing us to be a part of your church, if only through the website.
Barbara and Rachel, Daughter and granddaughter of Charles and JoAnne Maynard

Barrenshe Church of God
209 Barrenshe Creek Road
Freeburn, KY 41528

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