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Barrenshe Church of God
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We thank God for the workers God is sending to Barrenshe Church of God to work in the harvest!  Below are the new deacons which were commissioned May 2002.  Special thank you to Brother Dewitt pictured with Brother Bobby for his willingness to serve the community.


Brother Carl, Sister Sue, Brother Steve, Sister Susie,
Sister Diane, Brother Ervin


Brother Dewitt pictured with Brother Bobby.  We thank God for Brother Dewitt's service and commitment to the Phelps-Freeburn-Majestic communities.  Long time pastor of the Phelps Presbyterian Church, this brother serves tirelessly in ministering to the sick and hurting of this community ever offering hope and reassurance of the love of Jesus Christ.  We also wish to thank Brother Dewitt for his unselfish love of God as he allowed Brother Steve to follow the call of God when he was called to serve at Barrenshe Church of God.  Walking in fellowship, beyond denominational barriers through the Love of God is true fellowship as intended.

Barrenshe Church of God
209 Barrenshe Creek Road
Freeburn, KY 41528

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