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Barrenshe Church of God

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Hosanna Praisers in Action
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DRIVEN Ministries shown in a very outdated photo!  Anyone who has something more recent please email it to me so I can add it!

    We give thanks to our heavenly Father for the dedication and determination of our congregation.  Sister Mable Dotson, with inspiration by God, began teaching the younger members of the Barrenshe Church of God American Sign Language in the form of collaborating the words to popular Christian worship songs.  Many of the members have since grown up, but new members have been added in addition to the Perfect Praisers  Sister Mable has since passed the teaching on to some of the original members who are now adults and part of the group DRIVEN Ministries.  Special thanks all those who are working diligently to spread the gospel!

Barrenshe Church of God
209 Barrenshe Creek Road
Freeburn, KY 41528

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