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1. Who conspired against his father, causing him to flee from Jerusalem with his entire household?

2. What chariot captain conspired against his king and killed him when he was in a drunken state?

3. Which teenage had jealous brothers who conspired to sell him into slavery?

4. Which priest was slain by Saul because he had conspired with Avid against him?

5. Which man was in danger from a conspiracy of some 40 Jews who vowed not to eat or drink until they had killed him?

6. Which man, divested of his strength, was blinded and imprisoned because a woman conspired against him?

7. Which king was conspired against by his servants who murdered him in his royal residence at Millo?

8. Who was such a capable administrator that he made government officials so jealous they conspired against him and had him thrown to the lions.

9. Which two men led a conspiracy to prevent Jerusalem's wall from being repaired?

10. Who was betrayed when one of his followers, in exchange for money, conspired with Jewish leaders in a plot to kill him?


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