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Barrenshe Church of God
Graduation 2003


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Congratulations to the following 2003 graduates! 
Barrenshe Church of God salutes you for your hard work and dedication.  Our blessings go with you as you begin your adult life in this amazing earth as created by God.  Whatever path you choose, furthering your education, entering the work force,  may the hand of the Almighty God be with you continuously.  May you remember our Lord in all that you do and glorify the name of Jesus with your works.


Amy Fields, Matewan High School
Granddaughter of Brother Ervin and
Sister Diane Fields


Flanary Aaron Blankenship
Phelps High School
Son of the Sister Rosie and
Aaron "Hiway" Blankenship


         Stephen Michael Hurley
          Matewan High School
      Son of Bro. Micheal Hurley
Grandson of Sis. Wanda Shankles

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